Product Information

7Jurock replacement windshield for KAWASAKI CONCOURS ZG 1000 1986 – 2007 Models is available in shorter, taller and wider sizes than the stock original windscreen. 7Jurock offers: 17" – 25" Height, 21" - 24" Width. Beautifully handcrafted from 0.187 (3/16") thick acrylic. All shields are manufactured to order. Edges are hand ground and polished. All holes are CNC drilled to match the factory specifications. We can manufacture the windshield according to your body size, as we follow similar lines and contours as the Kawasaki (OEM) original windscreen. Our Flip design option provides a similar reverse contour as the original shield. The Standard design option does not have a reverse contour. 

Height is measured from the bottom to the top of the windshield, along the center line. Width is measured approximately 14" from the bottom center.

7Jurock offers replacement windshields only. No mounting hardware, mounting brackets, mounting kits and/or any accessories (required for installation) will be included with the purchase of our Replacement Windshield. *If you do not currently have the original factory hardware, you will not be able to install our replacement windshield.

*Installation is done by simply removing your existing/current original shield, and replacing it with this one using the same hardware from your previous stock/oem windshield.

NOTE: The bottom portion of our replacement windshield is not painted like the Kawasaki original (OEM) windshield. We do not offer that option.

*7Jurock.com orders are custom-made, and ship within 7 business days.*