7Jurock brings you a whole new level of style when it comes to custom motorcycle windshields.
Specified for optical clarity, chemical, impact and scratch resistant. They are the clear choice for riders who want a stylish custom windshield for their motorcycle.

No matter if you ride a big-inch cruiser or a stylish street custom 7Jurock has the perfect windshield for your bike and riding style.


We build many models to a height that will perform better than stock while matching the riders body dimensions as well as motorcycle modifications. Our goal is to create quality replacement windshields that provide a clear view over the top of the screen while increasing the comfort for the motorcycle rider. (Fitting the windshield to the motorcycle rider).


7Jurock is offering help to motorcycle riders worldwide achieve an enhanced level of performance through the customization of their motorcycle windshield. Touring, Sport Touring, Dual Purpose, Scooters, and Cruiser motorcycle windshield replacements are among the many styles that we can accommodate. New model motorcycles as well as older model motorcycles have benefited from 7Jurock quality products.


7Jurock has the best service in the motorcycle windshield industry, and when dealing with custom products, that is very important. We have very knowledgeable people ready to help you find exactly what you need. They will point out many important factors you may never have thought of, and will guide you in creating the right motorcycle windshield for you. When you call or email us, you will find that we will ask you most of the questions.


7Jurock constructs each motorcycle windshield with DOT approved high impact strength plastic, that has excellent optical clarity and Superb uncoated hard surface integrity.

*Replacement motorcycle windshield design, mold design & construction along with product manufacturing are all completed within our facility.