BMW K1300GT K1600GT K1600GTL 2006-2017
BMW K1300GT K1600GT K1600GTL 2006-2017 BMW K1300GT K1600GT K1600GTL 2006-2017 BMW K1300GT K1600GT K1600GTL 2006-2017 BMW K1300GT K1600GT K1600GTL 2006-2017

7Jurock replacement windshield for BMW K1300GT, K1600GT, K1600GTL 2006-2017 Models. 7Jurock Offers: 19"-26" Height, 27” Width. It is available in Clear or Light Gray tint. Beautifully handcrafted from 0.187 (3/16") thickness like the original windshield or 0.250 (1/4") for added stability against wind turbulence. Made from acrylic, specified for optical clarity. All holes are CNC drilled to match the factory specifications. Edges are hand ground and polished.

Height is measured in a straight line, from the bottom center point to the top of the windshield. The width can be measured two different ways. One way is at the widest point following the curvature around the front (27"). The other way is at the widest point from behind in a straight line (25").

7Jurock offers a wider replacement windshield for the K1300GT, K1600GT, K1600GTL 2006-2017 to help maximize wind protection and achieve the riding comfort you desire. The adjustable visor vent option offered helps redirect airflow to reduce turbulence and back pressure for a more comfortable ride. The vent has five adjustment settings that allows you to adjust the vent to increase airflow providing a cooling effect or have it completely closed during rainy and cold weather conditions. The side to side curvature has been slightly modified in order to increase arms and upper torso protection for the rider. Our design delivers both comfort and function designed to optimize your overall riding experience.

7Jurock offers replacement windshields only. No mounting hardware, mounting brackets, mounting kits and/or any accessories (required for installation) will be included with the purchase of our Replacement Windshield. *If you do not currently have the original factory hardware, you will not be able to install our replacement windshield.

*Installation is done by simply removing your existing/current original shield, and replacing it with this one using the same hardware from your previous stock/oem windshield.
* orders are custom-made, and ship within 7 business
*Red outline below displays OEM K1600GT outline


Design "A" displayed in 25" tall, light gray option. 

Design "B" displayed in 19" tall, light gray option.